1. General information
No influence can be exerted on the content and expression of the individual chats. The operator of hereby distances itself from the content and the choice of words in the individual chats and makes clear that none of the entries represents the opinion of the operator of Only the owner of the respective account is responsible for the respective account. Despite controls, black sheep can not be prevented from creeping in. If you have found an account that violates the rules or violates the law or the rights of third parties, please report this. The corresponding account will be removed immediately!

2. Keyboard commands
The following commands are available in the text input field (sometimes only for the admin):
/ Pn @nick private (hidden) message to nick (whisper)
/ Color # 000000 Color for own nick (hexcode)
/ Ignore nick Hide (only for you) all messages from this nickname. Max. 3 ignores are possible.
/ Show Displays all messages of all ignored nicks.
/ Clear Deletes the currently displayed content of a chat room.

3. Private messages
Click on one of the present users in the list, and only you and the clicked user (the recipient) can see the message.

And who makes the whole thing more by keyboard input
With the input / pn @nick you can send a private message. The recipient is addressed with his nick (case-sensitive!) And @.
A private message might look as follows:
@Hans this message can only we both read / pn
It does not matter at which point within the private message the code / pn and the recipient name (with prefix @) stand. And even more receivers are possible.

Private messages are not "bugproof". There are different ways to view private messages.

4. Insert Images:
Simply enter the URL (address) of the image. Example:
Pictures from your hard drive you can not upload here. Use the service of

5. A color for your own nickname:
By entering / color # 0000FF (hexadecimal color code), or by selecting from the pop-up menu, you can set a custom color for your own nick and messages.

6. Privacy Notice
The messages are temporarily stored on the server of the chat operator, where they can be viewed by the chat operator.
Deleted data are permanently deleted on the server, and are not archived.
For the users online ad, your IP and nick are temporarily stored on the server of the chat operator, where they can be viewed by the chat operator.

7. Cookies
The chat is trying to set a cookie. If your browser accepts cookies, your chosen nick (and any color you choose) will be stored as a cookie on your computer, and will be reused the next time you visit chat. The cookies, and thus your settings, will be automatically deleted after 360 days without your intervention.