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offers a service of user contributed data about global Salary (Compensation&Benefits),

Data-Sharing and -Analyzing for the international management and their professional employees. Specialists,supervisors and executives in all business areas.

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Are you satisfied with your annual income? Is it your position, your education and experience adequate?

Did you cut, because your company will cut costs? And where are you?Do you consider yourself to be fairly paid?

In relation to your colleagues, employees and supervisors in your company or industry?

It's a highly charged question, and for many the answer usually says more about emotion than factual data.

Professionals round the world don't always know how marketable their skills are.


Many employees have a tendency to consider themselves underpaid.


All applicants are generally not privy to an organization's pay scale.

Online average,median and benchmark salaries are unhelpful in your next salary negotiation. Please note that all online salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to job-portals. These figures are given to the job-portal users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

But you need timely salary facts of colleagues in your branch-sector, country, region, city and business unit.

Last but not least:

Companies and recruiter have up to date market overview and expertise!

Planning for salary discussions and negotiations should be an important part of your job search preparation.

The key to any successful negotiation is information, so do your homework to assess your competitive value.

Do some research and find out the pay range for the type of job you are seeking.

Be involved!

Share your Compensation & Benefits Detail-Data with your colleagues round the world and have a real advantage in your next salary negotiations! Train and show your judgment on your own thing. Collect as much as possible concrete facts about your colleagues salaries. Each participant can validate every salary data entry and assess the plausibility of his peer group salary DB-records.

It`s a free service without usage fees for all participants

Note, It is not possible to identify any individuals or companies, because you can register only with an e.g. free email. But better and fair is face to face. Please use your social media login. Thank you.
So, let`s talk about our salary data, our income p.a. Why not? Employers do it also with their "peer groups"!

Another way to talk about compensation and benefits round the world.