Walter Michelmann

Bremerhaven, Deutschland

The APS Executive Remuneration Management Policy (the policy) sets out arrangements for the management of executive remuneration, including an approval process for remuneration proposals above a notional amount.

Policy objectives

  1. To maintain appropriate pay relativity between Secretaries and the most senior members of their SES and other staff to better reflect their respective roles and responsibilities, in accordance with the rationale of the Remuneration Tribunal in awarding pay increases to Departmental Secretaries from 15 March 2012.
  2. To support the Government’s workplace relations policy for the APS which is to provide terms and conditions that:
    • support the concept of ‘one APS’ and facilitate mobility across the APS by achieving greater commonality of terms and conditions;
    • ensure fairness and flexibility;
    • promote productivity;
    • provide for sustainable and affordable remuneration arrangements;
    • enshrine accountability for compliance with the APS Bargaining Framework with individual agencies; and
    • respect and facilitate the role of unions in the workplace.
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