The Val di Comino, midway between Rome and Naples and located at the foothills of the Abruzzi Mountains, is a rugged landscape, where ancient villages meet scenic countryside. Herds of semi-wild horses and cattle are sources for traditional delicacies such as pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese), and flower honey and wild herbs are traditional mainstay products of the valley. The Val di Comino is host to many sagre (seasonal food festivals) such as the village of Picinisco’s Sagra del Cinghiale (wild boar festival) and the Pastorizia in Festival (Shepherd’s Festival). Don’t miss Gallinaro’s wine festival, La Festa del Vino Cabernet or the world-renowned Liri Blues Festival, in the sister city of New Orleans, Isola del Liri, that has a 28-metre high waterfall at its centre.

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