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CEO raises workers' minimum salary to $70,000

Money can't buy happiness, but Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price doesn't believe in that philosophy. The boss announced a big raise for many of his employees and took a big pay cut. Anthony Mason reports.

Salary Negotiation and Your Next Job

Step 3: Pay Policy

Step 3 of building a compensation plan requires an organization to define a pay policy, the process of determining whether the organization wants to lead, lag or meet the market in compensation.

Salary Negotiation: 6 Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Salary Negotiation - How to Negotiate a Higher Salary // 10 Ultimate Resume Hacks Cheat Sheet to Land More Interviews & Job Offers: In ...

Interview Companize - FastBill Startup Tour 2011

Video Besuch bei Companize in Berlin - FastBill Startup Tour 2011

Salary Negotiation Workshop

Salary Negotiation Workshop by Kathryn O. Marshall, Associate Director of The Office of Career Services Presented by: The Office of Career Services 

24 Hours in Singapore

Often described as a concrete jungle, there’s much more to explore in Singapore than the high rises and high flyers. Come and take a fresh glance on this city on a Singapore tour with a local guide to discover the ancient traditions, delicious food, and unique neighbourhoods in this gigantic urban paradise. 

Trips in Singapore

What is a Compensation Philosophy

Compensation that attracts, retains, motivates and engages is important to employees and employers alike. That’s why a clear statement of your organization’s...

Zanzibar Island tourism

Zanzibar offers beautiful beaches, but the unique thing about the islands is the blend of cultures. In Stone Town you will get not only Africa, but Arabia, India and Europe in one colorful package. Zanzibar has a long, interesting history, but it also has a vibrant modern culture. The mixture of cuisines together with spice farms offers new tastes for travelers.

Trips in Zanzibar

19. Ideal framework for Compensation Policy | Wages and Compensation | Human Resources

Wages and Compensation: Human Resources | Management Ideal framework for Compensation Policy | Wages and Compensation:

Things to Do In Casablanca in 48 Hours

Ah, Casablanca. The city is famed for its art deco buildings, old medina and, of course, a very well-known movie. It’s admittedly a more modern city than you may expect from your black-and-white fantasies, but it’s still a place you’ll want to linger and where you can discover the modern side of Morocco. Spend your day wandering the city walls, browsing the old (and new) medina, exploring the beach, then chilling out with a mint tea in a café. You’ll quickly fall in love with Moroccan life and want to ‘play it again’ the next day.

Trips in Casablanca

One day in Essaouira, Morocco

We love Morocco, no doubt about that. However, sometimes the big cities can get a little overwhelming. The coastal paradise of Essaouira is like a breath of fresh air, and venturing through its magical streets with a local is the best way to explore it. On one of our Essaouira tours, we’ll take you to the cute pastry shops and hidden nooks and crannies that aren’t even common knowledge to the residents! 

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5 Things To Do in the O.C. Your First Visit

Orange County is a 50-mile long cluster of laid-back beach cities in Southern California. Here you will enjoy glorious weather, immaculately white sandy beaches, a buzzing food scene, diverse wildlife and a trendy beach bum culture. If you’re looking for a chilled out beach break without compromise, Orange County is the place to be. Pull up a lounger and get lost in the SoCal atmosphere.

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Exciting and noticeably cosmopolitan, Nairobi is the social hub of East Africa, and Nairobi Urban Adventures provides your VIP ticket into the heart of it. Our one of a kind Nairobi tours offer the ideal way of getting out and experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of this vibrant city and its surroundings, uncovering the real character and people of the ever-fascinating Nairobi.

Trips in Nairobi

The Cities of Kumasi and Accra in Ghana

From the biggest open air market in Africa, to fascinating African voodoo, Kumasi nightlife, delicious Ghanian snacks, and so much more, our Kumasi tours are a one stop shop on local life and culture in Kumasi. There are so many things to do in Kumasi, but with a local by your side you’ll tap in to what makes this vibrant city tick, and catch a unique glimpse into what it is to be a Kumasi local.

Trips in Kumasi

Interpreting Salary Survey Data

Businesses require up-to-date salary data to attract and retain employees. IPC aims to provide comprehensive, accurate, and confidential wage and benefits information that targets your company. Supported by organizations throughout the country, IPC brings you the power to make critical compensation decisions.

How to Negotiate a Salary During the Job Offer (after the interview)

Are you unsure of how to negotiate your salary for your new job at a new company? Do not accept the offer immediately. It's time to use your negotiation skil...

A Day in Cairo

Discover the world’s living history book by travelling to Cairo and exploring this mesmerising city with a local. The infamous sights are undeniable beautiful, but if you want to be packed with plenty of ‘did you knows’ about Cairo, seeing it with a local is a must. Don’t let your Cairo travel experience read like something out of a guidebook – travel with a local to go behind the scenes in this incredible city.

Trips in Cairo

Trip around Accra, Ghana

Discover the rich local culture of West Africa in the buzzing and bustling city of Accra, Ghana's capital and largest city. Whether you’re interested in travel to Accra for the unique markets and other worldly culture, or looking to learn about Accra’s fascinating history or monumental architecture, these Accra tours are sure to please. We even throw in a bit of voodoo, just to keep you on your toes…

Trips in Accra

Remuneration policy – Crédit Agricole S.A.

More about the remuneration policy of Crédit Agricole S.A.

Lidy Fa - One Day in Marrakech

Travel to Marrakech enriches all the senses – from the hoots and whistles of the bustling streets, the beautiful architecture, and the tantalising smells coming from all that delicious food. Marrakech is a destination so close to Europe, yet so foreign and different. Journey through the pink city with a local, and step back in time on our Marrakech tours that explore life in the medina as it has been for hundreds of years.

Trips in Marrakech

20 BEST THINGS TO DO IN LOS ANGELES ♥ Top Attractions LA Travel Guide

LA. Home to dreamers, fortune seekers, and celebrities. Millions of visitors are drawn to LA by the star power of Hollywood, the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills, and the iconic palm trees and sunny beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, but thereʼs much more to the City of Angels. Let our team of local experts introduce you to the hidden treasures of LA's history and lifestyle on a Los Angeles tour you'll never forget!

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A day in Johannesburg

Explore the colourful capital of South Africa with a local guide, from the diverse culture, its turbulent history, and the fascinating daily life of the Joburg locals. From cycling in Johannesburg through the infamous Soweto, to wandering the city by foot, no matter what your preferred means of transport may be, Urban Adventures has got you covered. 

Trips in Johannesburg

15 Top Tourist Attractions in Canberra (Australia)

Canberra is the nation’s bush capital – a mix of impressive national buildings like Parliament House and the national art galleries, set around stunning natural landscapes of the central lake, parklands and surrounding peaks clad in what we call “the bush.” Kangaroos can be seen grazing by the lake just a few kilometres from the heart of the city. Add a vibrant café and multicultural food culture and a relaxed, no-hustle pace of life (Canberra is only a fraction the size of other cities), regular festivals and special events through the year, and you can see why we love this place, and love getting outdoors. 

Trips in Canberra

San Diego Vacation Travel Guide

This entrepreneurial town is filled with locals who love to do their own thing! Whether it’s building a new start-up or just figuring out a new way to make things happen, there’s always something exciting in the works! Plus, it’s mighty pretty, from the majestic coastline of Torrey Pines to the charming Coronado Island. For visitors, you can take a hike through Elfin Forest, ride the trolley to Tijuana, or wander through districts like Old Town, Gaslamp, and Seaport Village. Oh, and don’t forget to take an Urban Adventure, too!

Trips in San Diego

TOP THINGS TO DO IN HANOI, Vietnam in 1 day.

Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying it — Hanoi is intense. Think street vendors calling, horns honking, and webs of traffic like you’ve never experienced. But dig beneath the crowds and chaos and you’ll find an enchanting city where a rich history melds with a complicated modernity. From Parisian architecture to busy markets to ancient temples to Communist landmarks, Hanoi has it all wrapped up in a package of sensory overload. Explore the city on a Hanoi tour and get the local scoop on this much-loved destination.

Trips in Hanoi