A "contract" job title is a quick and short way of describing a collection of tasks, responsibilities, and duties.

It`s ever the result of a long and expensive job and salary negotiation.

Note that a contract job title is a "pretty good" match but not perfect to show all the differences in the skills, experience and knowledge, which could translate into a difference of your market value.

Why are job titles important to your career?  Explore and use job titles to your advantage.

Keep this in mind when reviewing the DB-Records presented in this "SDE" Global Databases.

You can search in the following DB-field content and all conceivable combinations.

(contract) Job Title:
team performance:
reporting level:
branch sector: (NaceCode)
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(workplace) city :
vocational qualification:
university degree:
years abroad:
years in the firm:
profit situation:
years in the job:
weekly hours:
want to change my job:
base salary p.a $:
last salary increase:
benefits p.a. $:
list your perks:
stock options p.a. $
bonus p.a. $
total comp. p.a. $:
next salary increase in %:
entry date:


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