Data collection

The "SDE" Databases are interactive Live-Databases of up-to-date market compensation information. Unlike compensation surveys, 
which report data effective as of a fixed date, the "SDE" Databases are web-based online-reports of a continual research study. It includes data onto all unique jobs and job titles that can be mapped to those jobs. The data is intended to provide a reasonable range of typical cash compensation earned by the typical person working in that job. The data used to develop the pay levels shown in the web-based Salary Database is based on the pay practices of Employees in all industries, companies of all sizes, and companies from all around the World.

Plausibility of the content data

The data are collected through a voluntary input of personal salary profiles by all participants. The registered job profiles can be checked by all participants. All profiles, which were not certified as correct and plausible, were deleted or ignored. Each participant can talk about his annual income and all influential factors in a Theme-Forum and can propose cancellation of not plausibility entries. 

Each Participant can propose new database fields or can the change of field content to discuss in their group.

All Participants can be anonymized because they can register only with an e.g. free email. Then it is not possible for everyone and us to determine the actual identity of an individual user from this information. Better and fair is a registration from face to face with your social media login. Let`s face it.