Are you being payed enough?

Think you're worth a little more than your current salary?Judging what you're worth as an employee is a challenging process. SDE has made an easy Database for helping you to check what salary you should be expecting to earn in your current or new Job.

Note: Online average,median and benchmark salaries are unhelpful in your next salary negotiation. Please note that all online salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to job-portals. These figures are given to the job-portal users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

But you need timely salary facts of colleagues in your branch-sector, country, region, city and business unit.

Become a participant! Get involved!

Fill in the details of the Salary Database to provide a clear and relevant picture of your Job market value worldwide. Forget expensive compensation studies. The staff need in their daily practice quick access to always current timely and verifiable information on income conditions of their colleagues and co-workers in their region.

Anonymous salary data exchange

The informal, function-based or job-related and anonymous (not individualized) exchange of salary information and other income conditions (also directly on mobile screens) is for active participants a pecuniary benefit in any salary negotiation!

Both: in their own interest and in the corporate interest

Using the "SDE" Live-Databases, you can for example:

*determine how your salary is directly to the salaries of your colleagues with the same job title
*find out how much you could earn in other industry sectors
*find out how much you could earn in other continents and states of the world
*check how much more you would earn in another city round the world.
*investigate how high would your salary if you were being the boss of your area
*find out how much salary should ask you if you imagine in a job interview at a rival company
*search in more than 100 industry sectors "NaceCode" in which the best benefits are paid for your position.
*You can find out exactly why, for example men and women with the same job title, region, sector receives different levels of total annual salaries.
*you can compare your annually income data absolutly anonymous with your co-workers and colleagues in rival firms
*e.g. the query: Where can I earn more than (operator 60.000 $ p.a.); total compensation

and many more questions.

Everyone needs timely salary facts of his job title, his region, his branch sector and his city-workplace.

Prepare your next salary negotiation by using this salary data exchange service. Find out as much as possible about your colleagues total compensation package,including benefits, stock options and bonuses, as well as base pay and so on, before the interview takes place.

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake that negotiators make—and one that many make routinely—is failing to thoroughly prepare.

When you haven’t done the necessary analysis and research, you are highly likely to leave value on the table and even to be taken advantage of by your counterpart.

Compare Your Salary! It`s anonymous! It`s Secure! It`s free!