Brought to you by ADHD University: The National Anthem of Income Inequality. The Federal Minimum Wage in the U.S. is $7.25 per hour, while the Top 5 Paid CEOs all make more than $8.91 per second (over $30,000 an hour). So here's a new version of The…

CEO raises workers' minimum salary to $70,000

Money can't buy happiness, but Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price doesn't believe in that philosophy. The boss announced a big raise for many of his employees and took a big pay cut. Anthony Mason reports.

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Salary Imbalances

Huge salary imbalances between CEOs and the people who work for them can send bad vibes throughout an organization, weakening loyalty and eroding the talent pool. (Charles O'Reilly)  Salary imbalance causes persistent ongoing conflicts and high unpr…