Guide to Salary Negotiation & CV writing

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High Performance Negotiation Skills for Women - Prof. Leigh Thompson

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Salary Negotiation and Your Next Job

CMT/ Successful Interviews & Salary Negotiation

Do you know that it takes 7 seconds to form first impression? Learn to create an impactful impression in your interview. 

Negotiating a Job Offer (workshop)

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Interviewing Skills & Salary Negotiation Workshop

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Salary Negotiation Workshop

Salary Negotiation Workshop by Kathryn O. Marshall, Associate Director of The Office of Career Services Presented by: The Office of Career Services 

Reasons Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary, Every Time

By Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, Executive Coach and CEO & Executive Director, 40 Percent and Rising:"As women executives, many of us are aware of the troubling statistics that show that as few as 7% of us negotiate our salaries. Effectively negoti…